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The Weight Is Over: After-Wedding Weight Gain

Oct 10, 13 The Weight Is Over: After-Wedding Weight Gain

In my last “The Weight Is Over” post I spoke about a wedding I was going to that weekend. I thought I would try to drink “healthy alcoholic beverages” and “watch what I ate”.  Well, you know what they say about the best schemes plains of mice and men…

I started off with a single beer prior to the ceremony. Hey, not too bad. Then, at the cocktail hour, I debated having a Vodka Martini but instead opted for a glass of Makers Mark and Water (also, on the rocks) to try and cut down on the alcohol intake. Of course, I had to have a second one. Oh, wine with dinner? Yes please! Now I need a beer. And a beer. And a beer. And a Jack and Coke. And a… where am I?

The eating also became a little unhinged as when I drink, I eat. I’m pretty conditioned that way. Also, I barely ate anything prior to the wedding (rookie mistake!). So, I ate everything in site during cocktail hour. Antipasto: check. Shrimp cocktail: check. Some-kind-of-chutney wrapped in a small pastry pocket: check. Etc… etc… The people I was hanging out with basically made base-camp at a table directly across from the bar and right next to where the food was coming out from the kitchen.  Veteran partiers know that this is prime real estate at a wedding!

After I dug myself out from under the hangover, I weighed myself the next morning and I went from 249.6 to 256. Ugh, all that progress; set back. It was a moment of weakness for me but I was determined to bounce back.

So, here I am, three weeks later and I’m happy to report that I’m below where I was on my last post. I’m now down to 247.8.  w00t (as the kids say)!  I’ve been back on track with my eating and am now getting back on the treadmill. When you go back to old habits, it is very hard to go back to the new habits you were trying to form.

As I’ve said before, I will not be discouraged by minor setbacks because the overall trend is still in the right direction.

It was a good night, a great wedding and I’m very happy for the newly married couple! Cheers!

How do you handle yourself  at weddings? Do you try to watch what you consume or just let it all hang out (because,”Hey, it’s a party!”?) and deal with the consequences later?

The Groom and I

The Groom and I