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Dadstractions 79: Anything Goes

Apr 24, 15 Dadstractions 79: Anything Goes

This week:

  • Hot Tachyon talk.
  • Spider-Man 2 review.
  • The Damsel In Distress.
  • Wii U talk.
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest Talk.
  • And More!

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Brian Edsell is a father of two and trying to raise them the only way he knows how: like nerds. He’s the webmaster over at Longbox Heroes and also a big fat loud mouth who can also be heard on the Prodigal Sons Podcast.


  • As I commented on the last episode of PS, I had a whole page of notes for last week’s episode but I lost them so that’s why I did not comment last week. Sorry for being a crappy listener, but I’m making up for it this week.

    -As far as Avengers 2 reviews go, a lot of people are dinging it for not being as ground breaking as the first one, but how can it be. The first one did something no one else has done before which such an ensemble.
    -Jared’s old therapist also does transmissions? Huh, small world.
    -Early Ford Focus’ were TERRIBLE. I knew several people who got them and had numerous issues with them. They aren’t nearly as bad anymore
    -End of the month car shopping? Hope you read up on all the tips and tricks. You can save some big bucks.
    -Not sure I’m going to show Grayson many movies from my childhood. They never seem to hold up. Except Transformers the Movie. And Flight of the Navigator.
    -Speaking of Nothing But Trouble, I cannot recommend the episode of Film Sack about it enough. Def worth a listen.
    -Wait, you use the promotions tab? Really?
    -Seriously, guys. We don’t need any help having our thunder get stolen 😉
    -Agree with Brian 100% on what they SHOULD have done with X-Force Wolvie
    -How many Quicksilver covers did you get? Jesus.