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Dadstractions 86: SHAME and Faith

Aug 07, 15 Dadstractions 86: SHAME and Faith

This week:

  • Leonard and Brian catch up.
  • Leonard shames Brian for not participating.
  • Brian shames Toys R Us and LG for poor customer service.
  • Brian’s faith in humanity is restored, if only for a split second.
  • And more!

Leonard F Chikarason is a professional podcaster, pro-wrestling commentator, avid comic book reader, happily married father and  friend of Brian, who runs this very blog! You can find everything LFC is up to (Twitter, podcasts, and personal appearances) at and

Brian Edsell is a father of two and trying to raise them the only way he knows how: like nerds. He’s the webmaster over at Longbox Heroes and also a big fat loud mouth who can also be heard on the Prodigal Sons Podcast.


  • -So books to sell you say? Do network peeps get first dibs?
    -Wow, Brian is done w/ Puzzle Quest now too? Guess I’m not alone after all.
    -Honestly, you can boot me from the alliance if you want. I am still ok with it.
    -“How do you remember all this stuff?” Thank you for asking the same question I ask of Leonard every time I listen.
    -Toys R Us. Oh boy. So they recently put up a pre-order for Masterpiece Starscream at 59.99. The pre-orders went away almost instantly. The thinking is that it should have been for 79.99 and that TRU will probably end up cancelling all the preorders soon. Or they will just bring it back and change the second round more. Also, the new Devastator was just recently released at 149.99. Within a week and a half, TRU had upped the price to 179.00. You can still get it on Amazon for 150 with free shipping. Price gouging and terrible customer service. What a joke.
    -You don’t sound petty about any of this at all. Trust me.
    -Pro tip: If ever asked “have you restarted/reset” something, always say yes. You probably have anyways.
    -Love Leonard’s poop shipping idea!
    -The Mayo Story was fantastic!
    -TRU execs should be forced to listen to this show so they know what GOOD customer service actually is.
    -Random Individual you say. Hmmm…
    -Tell me that Leonard noticed that Brian laughed just like Batman on Teen Titans Go! at the end there…