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Dadstractions Podcast #2 – It’s A Small, Small World

May 17, 13 Dadstractions Podcast #2 – It’s A Small, Small World

This week on the podcast:

    • How did Leonard and Brian celebrate Mother’s Day?
    • Leonard asks, “How long should you wait to take your child to the movies?”
    • Brian asks, “How despicable do you have to be to rent a disabled person in order to cut ahead in lines at Disney?”
    • Who waits in line for “It’s A Small World After All?”
    • Someone bought something through our Amazon banner!
    • My Little Pony – Equestria Girls. ¬†Abomination?
    • Letting your kids watch crappy kids shows (eg. Power Rangers)
    • Leonard has some issues with Keurig
    • Did Brian actually say “Harangue”?

(Here is the link to Leonard’s Tweet to Keurig, you know, in case you would like to retweet it or something…): ¬†