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REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY: Transformers Construct-Bots

Dec 03, 13 REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY: Transformers Construct-Bots

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Ever since my kids found out about Transformers Construct-Bots, they have been begging me to get some. Luckily, Hasbro sent us some Transformers Contruct-Bots to review. I’ve been a huge fan of Transformers ever since they hit the scene back in 1984. That Christmas, I hoped and wished that Santa would leave me some Transformers under my tree. Lo and behold, when I woke up on Christmas morning, I was welcomed to the smiling faces of Optimus Prime, Starscream and Megatron (yes, in my memory they were all smiling at me!). Throughout the years, I collected more Transformers and they were pretty much my prized possessions. I played with them longer after the point that I should have been playing with doll (um… I mean ACTION FIGURES!!!) Naturally, when my children were born and grew old enough to appreciate them, I wanted to introduce them to Transformers. Once they had a chance to play with a few, they were hooked. They’ve seen the full original 1984 series, the original 1986 movie, some various other shows here and there, and the full Transformers Prime run. They are always playing with them and hungry to add more figures to their cadre of Transformers. So, when they saw Construct-Bots on the Transformers section of the Hasbro site, they had to have them! Each Transformers Construct-Bot comes with a robot frame, armor, a weapon and accessories parts so you can construct and customize your favorite Transformers characters. I knew these would be right up my kids’ alley as they love Transformers and they love to play with modular toys like Legos, KRE-O, K’NEX and Erector sets. We received both Soundwave and Ironhide for review but I’m going to focus mostly on Ironhide as Soundwave had an unfortunate mishap (that I will go into later). The first thing I noticed about Transformers Construct-Bots was the packaging. Some of the Bots come with a resealable case, perfect for when you have broken down all of your bots and need to...

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REVIEW: Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods

Nov 25, 13 REVIEW: Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods

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Just in time for the holidays, Hasbro released Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods toys, and I was given a free sample to review. Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods are actually two toys in one. At first glance, the toys are just toys. Angry Birds figures (made up to look like they are from the Star Wars universe) that come in playsets (or some sold separately as just figures) that can be set up and played with just like everyone’s favorite Angry Birds game. There is a Star Destroyer set, a Death Star Trench Run set, a Endor Forest Chase set, and many others. You build the set and then use the provided slingshot (or vehicle!) to hurtle your Angry Birds toward the structures in order to destroy them. Honestly, this is enough fun in itself – but there’s more! On each Angry Bird and Bad Piggy there is a QR code. With the help of a hand-dandy magnifying glass (included in each Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods package) you can scan or “drop” your Angry Bird or Bad Piggy into the game! This allows you to switch out the bird or piggy you are using for one that might be better suited for what you need to do.  (Plus, it really plays up the Skylander/Disney Infinity gimmick really well!) I sat down with my son and daughter and let them have a go at Angry Birds Start Wars II Telepods.  My son was all about it – he enjoyed building the playset and knocking it down with the Angry Birds. And, while he enjoyed playing with the physical playset, he was definitely more interested in playing the Angry Birds Star Wars II Telepods app on our Google Nexus 10.  Both my kids LOVE the Skylanders series so it was no surprise to me that they both wanted to scan the QR codes on the birds to bring them into the game. Once the Angry Birds (or Bad Piggies) are scanned into...

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“Bully”: Dramatized Production or Honest Portrayal?

Jul 30, 13 “Bully”: Dramatized Production or Honest Portrayal?

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Kim and I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks but we found some time to sit down and watch a movie together. There have been a lot of good movies that have arrived on Netflix streaming recently (Avengers, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Super, etc…) and I was hoping maybe we get to watch one of those. But, as I continued scrolling along I saw that “Bully” was now available and my wife and I both sat down to watch it. “Bully” is a documentary from 2011. A film crew follows the lives of multiple children who are all experiencing some form of bullying. There is one teenager who is bullied and shunned because she is gay; there is one young girl who got so sick of the bullying and name calling that she actually brought a gun on a school bus and threatened the bullies and then there is a young man named Alex who is constantly tormented, picked on, bullied and beat up both physically and emotionally. Watching this movie was heartbreaking. I was tormented and bullied a lot when I was younger but I don’t remember it ever being as bad as it was portrayed in this movie. Not only were the children in this movie particularly cruel, but many of the adults were ineffectual and actually probably made things worse. In particular was the principal of the school Alex attends. In the beginning the principal seems like she is trying to do the right thing and get by on what she has available but it quickly becomes apparent that she is either in way over her head or has no idea what is going on in her own school or how to fix it. There is a scene where she forces a bully and his victim to shake hands. When the victim refused to shake hands with the bully, she sends the bully on his way and then chastises the victim for not giving the bully a second...

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Something for Everyone: Back from Break

Jul 03, 13 Something for Everyone: Back from Break

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By Leonard F Chikarason Luckily I planned my busy life around Brian’s busy life so the whole site was on vacation last week. Good thing too as I don’t think I would have been able to pick just a few (three or less) books last week. This week, I’ve got both ends of the spectrum and something smack dam in the middle: Axe Cop: President of the World trade: Perhaps you’ve heard of this comic, drawn by Ethan Nicolle based on the made up adventures of his eight year old brother Malachai? It’s wild and crazy. So much so that FOX has decided to make it the cornerstone of their upcoming late night animation block starting this month. There are tons and tons of free strips online at Axe Cop Dot Com but I’m still a primarily physical copy kinda guy, and I’ve been waiting a while for this one. Superior Foes of Spider-Man #1: Perhaps you’ve heard by now, Doctor Octopus is the Spider-Man of the Marvel Universe these days. Well, some of Spider-Man’s villains have noticed a change in Spidey’s behavior and decided to pool their efforts. Spider-Man has the best Rogue’s Gallery (yes, even better than Batman’s) and to see folks like the Beetle, the Shocker and the Boomerang headline a book definitely deserves a look. Satellite Sam #1: Matt Fraction, writer of Hawkeye from Marvel Comics, maybe my favorite book of 2013, hits the ground running with the creator owned, adults only crime mystery book. The elevator pitch for this is what if the equivalent of Mister Rodgers or Captain Kangaroo were found dead in a New York City flop house with lots of incriminating evidence around him. It’s up to his son to clear his name and the cops are no help! Be here next week while I wax poetic on the long awaited (by me at least!) return of one of the funniest super hero comics of all time! Leonard F Chikarason is a professional podcaster, pro-wrestling commentator, avid...

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Is ‘My Little Pony’ Setting A Bad Example For Children?

Jun 20, 13 Is ‘My Little Pony’ Setting A Bad Example For Children?

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On episode two of the Dadstractions podcast, I briefly discuss the upcoming “My Little Pony: Equestria Girls” movie that is creeping me coming out this summer. I question why they felt it was necessary to have the ponies turn into humans in an alternate universe and WHY THE HELL ARE THEY SO CREEPY!?! Seriously, look at this picture: Pinky Pie looks like a Grey! Well, The Daily News recently published an article where they asked “Gen-X” moms in New York City what they thought of the pony-to-human metamorphosis the girls go through in the upcoming film. Beside the ham-fisted dozen or so equestrian-related jokes throughout the article, The Daily News offered up the typical fair I’ve come to expect whenever any iconic female character goes through a re-imagining. Comparisons to Barbie, complaints of the ponies-turned-human looking anorexic, dressing in mini-skirts and hooker boots and setting a bad example for young girls everywhere all sound very similar to the complaints about other major iconic female characters that have undergone changes in recent years. The 2009 confusing change to Dora The Explorer and the Minnie Mouse super model makeover in 2012 both garnered similar outrage from the public. Is this really an issue? Do kids really try to model themselves after the cartoons they watch? Are they really trying to compare themselves to Dora, or Minnie, Barbie or Ponies? I grew up watching He-Man, G.I. Joe and Transformers and I never felt I needed to get all crazy muscular, run around shooting guns and, I don’t know… transform? There was that time the Decepticons got wasted on Energon though… These characters are the property of their owners and they will do with them as they wish. They’re nothing but a giant marketing ploy designed to sell toys to kids anyway. And, if your kids look up to these characters as role models, help your kids to know the difference between emulating the behavior these characters portray versus trying to model themselves after the characters’ clothing or physical appearance. I’m against the...

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Something For Everyone: The Collector & Lots of Links!

Jun 19, 13 Something For Everyone: The Collector & Lots of Links!

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By Leonard F Chikarason This week, I’ll be focusing on some great collections coming out this. Also, a little bit for our digital friends, who perhaps I’ve been neglecting of late: Saga vol.2 – the second collection of perhaps the greatest new comic story of the last several years. Written by Brian K Vaughn (he’s currently show running Stephen King’s Under the Dome) with beautiful art from Fiona Staples. The original pitch for this was “Game of Thrones meets Star Wars.” Having only cursory knowledge of Game of Thrones, I understand there is lots of sexual content in there as well. Still, give Saga a whirl! Edison Rex vol. 1 : this was released digitally through Monkeybrain Comics and is now being collected by IDW. The simple idea of this is what does the world’s greatest super villain do when his arch enemy goes away? Probably a better Superman story than the one playing in your local megaplex. Marvel #1 & #2 digital sale: Looking to get started in the digital world on some of the hottest stories of 2013? Hey, did you know Doctor Octopus is now Spider-Man? How about Wolverine running a school for mutants? And that Daredevil and Hawkeye are two of the best superhero comics being made PERIOD? Now you can pick up the first two issues of these books and many more for just 99 cents each! Join me next week as I break my back ( and wallet) bringing you info about the World’s Finest team up, a new psychological thriller from one of the best crime writers in comics and some new non-Green Lantern lantern books. Leonard F Chikarason is a professional podcaster, pro-wrestling commentator, avid comic book reader, happily married father of a 20-month old who just won’t stop aging and nearly life-long friend of Brian, who runs this very blog! You can find everything LFC is up to (Twitter, podcasts, personal appearances) at http://lfchikarason.com Share...

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