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Because Prompts Are Fun – The “To Read” List

Apr 28, 13 Because Prompts Are Fun – The “To Read” List

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In the ongoing “Because Prompts Are Fun” series, this week’s theme is “Books and Reading.” I have a pretty large pile of “To Read” books. Some I’ve had since Christmas, others I’ve had for years. I should really put more time into reading but I usually find myself drawn to more electronic pursuits. I’ll happily check my Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, etc.. and not devote any time to reading actual literature (which, is pretty funny when you consider that my wife is a librarian). I was not a big reader when I was a kid. My elementary school participated in a program called “Book It“. It was a program sponsored by Pizza Hut and they handed out certificates for free personal pan pizzas to encourage weekly reading (hmmm, I thought we weren’t supposed to reward kids with food?). I already wasn’t a big reader, and now I felt like I was being pressured into reading. I have a spite streak a mile wide and this “encouragement” made me want to read even less. I eventually relented and read the requisite amount of books to get my personal pan pizza, only to have my father never take me to actually attain my reward (sad trombone). Anyway, as I got older, I realized all the things I was missing out on by not reading. I started reading a lot and I definitely appreciate reading a lot more than I did as a kid. My wife and I try to encourage our children to read (did I mention my wife is a librarian?) so they realize early on the enjoyment that can come from reading. My daughter reads well enough for her age, but my son reads everything he can get his hands on! He was a quick learner when it came to reading and he just reads, and reads, and reads. Right now he’s in the middle of the Harry Potter series(!) I guess I really do need to set aside some time each night to...

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