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Something For Everyone – This week, mostly the kids!

May 15, 13 Something For Everyone – This week, mostly the kids!

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Welcome the latest installment of hot picks for comics this week. It may not be themed every week, but we’ve got a loose theme going here. This week, we look at three much maligned, to varying degrees, properties in the world of geekdom! Wolverine & the X-Men #29: Maybe you read comics in the 90’s. Or watched the cartoons and even you feel the X-Men, especially Wolverine are both “played out.” Au contraire! A split in ideology between Cyclops & Wolvie have divided the X-Men in two, each with their own School to teach future mutants the way of the world. Wolverine the head of a school? How’s that going to work? Well, issue 29, out this week, is a great jumping on point as the current students of the Jean Great Academy for Higher Learning put a time capsule together and we get to find out! Aquaman Vol. 1: The Trench: When more than one regular sized comic book are collected, the term for what that is called does vary. Graphic Novel, Hardcover, Softcover, Trade Paperback and others. I will always refer to them as trades. Aquaman is the butt of many a joke when it comes to people in and out of comics. He gets no respect! Geoff Johns, the creative force between such hits as the Flash, Green Lantern and now Justice League works his magic on Aquaman. This the first story arc bringing Arthur Curry back to the forefront of the DC New 52. My Little Pony Volume 1: Friendship Is Magic: This is the collection of the smash hit success comic based on My Little Pony. Now, don’t shake your head, I read these as I purchased these for Brian’s daughter Samantha and they are great! Not only does it match up with the popular cartoon series, but is loaded with stuff for the grown-ups as well, like references to Roadhouse, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and more. And I’m not forgetting about you, the digital reader! You can...

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Something For Everyone – Bruce, Rick and Mega Man

By Leonard F. Chikarason I hope everyone had a great time this past weekend whether you went to see Iron Man 3, headed to your local comic book store for Free Comic Book Day or both. The purpose of this (hopefully) ongoing feature will be to let you know what’s available on Wednesday (new release day), at either your local store on online digitally, that may pique your interest. I will try my best to suggest a great “jumping on” point to you the new readers but, such is the nature of comics, that may not be an option: Batman #20: from the all-star creative team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the second part of the re-introduction of Clayface into the New 52 and, as we are being told, the team up with Batman we have all been waiting for. I will not spoil that one as 1) that is not my nature and 2) I genuinely don’t know. This is the last issue before the next big Batman story “Year Zero” begins and there are teases here that will be expanded upon there. The Walking Dead #110: the solicitations, think of them as the cable channel guide preview, for the Walking Dead never gives anything away. The newly introduced Ezekiel goes head to head with Michonne, the break out character from the comic and AMC TV show, so they are positioning him very well. The Walking Dead is, always written by Robert Kirkman with art by Charles Adlard. Mega Man #25: the beginning of the World’s Collide cross over with fellow video game icon, Sonic the Hedgehog. The FCBD release this past weekend reprinted crucial excerpts from the Mega Man and Sonic ongoing books to get you ready for big event. Now, be forewarned, this is a big cross over, 12 issues, so it may be a financial investment you may not be ready for. Now, these are not the only comic available this week, the full list can be found here. And you can always reach me directly,...

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