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Everybody Loves A Parade, Right?

Jun 18, 13 Everybody Loves A Parade, Right?

Well, maybe some more than others.

I’ve never really been a big parade person (or a circus person for that matter). There’s just something about standing around, sometimes for hours, just to see a few lame floats go by.  I could be spending that time doing something more impressive, like watching paint dry or grass grow.

I don’t even attend St. Patrick’s Day parades, and there is usually a promise of inebriation after that parade! I grew up in a town that boasts the second largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the country, and still I didn’t go.

The only parade that I ever felt halfway paid off for waiting/anticipation vs. spectacle would be the Wald Disney Electric Light Parade in the Magic Kingdom, and even THAT wasn’t super impressive to me.

Still, apparently, kids LOVE parades. There is a parade our town has every Father’s Day weekend. The Avon Heritage Duct Tape Parade and Festival – sponsored by Duck brand duct tape (yes, this is as odd as it sounds).



I moved here about seven years ago and have yet to go to parade. My wife and the kids have been to it a few times but I always just waved goodbye to them as they left for the parade and relished the two or more hours I had to myself. But this year I turned over a new leaf and, in an attempt being more involved with my kids, I purposefully attended a parade.

This was the tenth anniversary of the Duct Tape parade and the theme was “Decades of Duct Tape”. One would assume that to participate in a duct tape parade, one would have to have a float made of duct tape, or clothing made of duct tape… or maybe just carry a roll of duct tape, but one would be mistaken. True, most groups participating in the parade had floats or clothes decorated in duct tape, but there were more than a few that didn’t.


We showed up about 40 minutes ahead of when the parade was supposed to start and patiently waited. Well, I patiently waited. The kids were on the mild end of the bonkers spectrum. My daughter refused to let us put sunscreen on her so she was plopped back into the car until she decided to do otherwise. My son constantly poked and prodded his sister because he was outside and she wasn’t. There was lots of whining and harrumphing.

Finally, we heard the sirens from the police cars leading the parade, the children grabbed their plastic grocery bags to haul away the candy that would be whizzed at them from parade participants, and we all gathered near the edge of the road to watch the procession.

What followed was a forty-five-minute tour de force of excitement! </sarcasm>

By the end, the kids had enough candy in their bags to make believe they just celebrated Halloween in June (I’m pretty sure that’s the only my kids like this parade) and I realized there sure were a lot of religious and political groups marching in this parade.

The kids had a good time and continued to sneak candy from their bags throughout the day and I got so spend time out with my family. All was good.

Circuses are still out.

(I tried to focus on mostly people who actually used duct tape in their presentation. Enjoy!)


  • So, are you going again next year?

    My parents are Irish and I come from a city in the UK that has a huge St. Patrick’s Day Parade. I could never see the point of going to the parade. Instead I just skipped it and went to the pub early to avoid the crowds at the bar. I don’t think I ever missed anything special except for the one year when there was a bomb scare and they had to clear the area and everyone went home, except for the people already in the pubs.

    • I may very well go again next year, it depends on what else is going on. This year I did really want to take the kids to Origins Game Fair in Columbus, OH but a lot of the demos and other items of interest were all for kids over 8 and my wife couldn’t go and I feared trying to take my two kids to a major gaming convention alone.