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Halloween Is Here, Time To Scare The Kids

Oct 16, 13 Halloween Is Here, Time To Scare The Kids

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My wife and I love Halloween. We sometimes fall behind with decorating the house, and we don’t always dress up, but we love ghosts, ghouls, monsters and zombies – all the things that go bump in the night and provide the small little rush of anxiety, exhilaration and excitement. Naturally, we want to pass that love of Halloween along to our kids because, scaring kids out of their minds is fun! We recently took a family trip to the Lorain County Metroparks Halloween Fair. Our original intention was to arrive at 5pm, walk the Haunted Trail during “family friendly” hours, eat some carnival food, play a few games and call it a night before the trail turned “scary” after 7pm. After we went down the “family friendly” trail during daylight hours, my wife and I decided to see if the kids would like to try it when it changed to “scary”. Both kids insisted that they would not be scared and that we could stay and do the trail again later. We proceeded to eat a super-healthy meal of hamburgers, corn dogs, Italian sausage and french fries from many a questionable food stand. Afterward, the kids danced around to the jams of DJ Starship Joe and we got a few carnival games in before getting in the huge line for the Haunted Trail. The trail was pitch black except for rope lights along the edges so you could see where the trail ended and the forest began. Along the trail were miniature haunted houses which were absolutely pitch black at night. There was a lot of screaming from scared teenagers and the staff of the haunted trail; a lot of popping out of dark corners and screaming to startle guests.  For the most part the staff would see the younger kids and take it easy on them, not giving them the full treatment but still enough startle and scream to get a jump out of them. Miraculously, we made it through the trail without any...

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