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Is It Possible For Me To Stop Yelling At My Kids?

Jun 04, 13 Is It Possible For Me To Stop Yelling At My Kids?

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I’ve become a yeller. It is not something I am proud of. Yelling has been a topic of discussion between my wife and I for many years. We’ve gone from fairly laid-back individuals to stark-raving lunatics in the span of about four or five years. It gets so intense at times that I actually actively look to see if the windows are open and wonder if the neighbors think there is some type of maniac loose in our house. I had the idea for this post brewing in my noggin for the past few days, but seeing a fellow Dad post about his yelling experiences and reading more about yelling from links in his post finally got me to sit down and write this. And what was it that had this floating around my head for the past few days? This entry from the “My Dad” sheet Chris filled out for Doughnuts With Dad: My Dad: Q: “What does your Dad like best about being a Dad?” A: “He gets to yell at me” Go ahead, read it again and let that sink in. When I posted Chris’s “MY MOM” entry from Muffins With Mom day at his school, I said that I would be having Doughnuts With Dad soon and I would do a similar write-up. After reading that post, my mother asked me, “Are you worried?” I knew what she was getting at. My son and I do not have the greatest of relationships. He is lackadaisical, inconsiderate and willful.  Pretty much every single trait I had as a child (though I would like to think I was more considerate than him…). I’m constantly asking him to do the same thing over and over again. Chris, turn off the light if your not in the room any more. Chris, pick up the toilet seat if you’re going to pee. Chris, wash your hands after going to the bathroom. Chris, stop putting your fingers in your mouth. Chris…Chris…Chris… We’ve tried to instill good manners...

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Painting Ceramics With My “Artist For A Day”

Jun 03, 13 Painting Ceramics With My “Artist For A Day”

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My mother and stepfather live in Scranton, PA (my hometown). A few times a year they either make the trip out to Cleveland, or we make a trip back East to see either them or my in-laws (in NJ). Whenever they are with the kids, they try to make it a point to do something special with them (an amusement park, a museum, etc…). During their most recent visit, while my son was still in school on Friday, they took my daughter to a ceramic painting store called “Artist For A Day“. Later that night my mother told me what a great time they had and I asked her to write up her experience for my blog.  Here it is. Enjoy! On the most recent trip to visit our family in Ohio, our five-year-old Granddaughter, Samantha, had a free day. Samantha’s free days consist of being “free” from school and “free” from her older brother, Chris. We asked Sam what she would like to do on “her” day and it was a resounding, no hesitating – PAINT (this shouldn’t have been a surprise as Samantha is the artistic one of the family)! Samantha’s mom suggested a local ceramic studio, Artist For A Day, and off Grandma, Grandpa and Sam went. Artist For A Day is just what it says – they have everything you need to make a masterpiece in one day. Customers pay a small fee to use all the supplies, receive help from the staff, and also to have the piece glazed and fired when the artist is done painting. The only other fee is the price of the piece you decide to paint. The studio has abundant bisque pieces to choose from and Samantha spied hers almost immediately: Donald Duck. We proceeded to the paint bar, where Sam picked out all of the colors she wanted for Donald. One by one we added them to her paint pallet. After choosing paints, Sam also got to choose which brushes she would like to use. We then went to...

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The Long Weekend Blues

May 28, 13 The Long Weekend Blues

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Memorial Day weekend went by entirely too fast. My parents were in town since Wednesday to see my daughter graduate from Pre-K.  They stuck around for the long weekend and entertained and watched their grandchildren, which was a big help to the wife and I. My parents took the kids to some local attractions; Artist For A Day, Great Lakes Science Center and The Cleveland Botanical Garden.  I’ve tried to persuade my mother to write a guest post for BEaLittleWeird to cover their adventures. I’m grateful for whenever my parents can get out to our house. They live six hours away and it’s not always an easy trip. But, when they do come out, they are always gracious enough to let Kim and I go out and enjoy the free babysitting. Plus, you know, I get to see my parents; they get to see their grandchildren; and all that mushy stuff… I got out to see Iron Man 3 this weekend, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness. We had a cookout and I smoked the first pork butt of the season. After my parents left on Sunday we had some friends over to watch the first few episodes of Arrested Development Season 4. And Monday was a “the whole family stayed in pajamas and hung out” kind of day. Wow, we haven’t been that kind of lazy in a long time (Don’t judge)! I frequently felt the need to remind the children that “this isn’t an everyday thing, but it’s nice to do once in a while.” And, as I write this, the kids are in bed for the night and the wife and I are enjoying a copy of “Behind The Candelabra” that a friend recorded for me and let me borrow. I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Now, back to reality. Feel free to leave a comment and share how you spent your Memorial Day holiday weekend.     Share...

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Found Around The House 2 – Electric Boogaloo

May 20, 13 Found Around The House 2 – Electric Boogaloo

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The kids bring home all sorts of goodies from school, or just leave other awesome art projects around the house.  A literal mountain of paper is sifted through on a weekly basis and 98% goes in the bin.  But, every now and again, a piece of gold comes home with all the chaff and refuses to be ignored. This past week my son’s school celebrated Mother’s Day by having a Muffins With Mom day. A day where moms visit for the morning, have a muffin with their kid, and enjoy a slide show of pictures and nice things that each of the kids have said about their moms. Since there are so many kids in class, and only so much time for the visit, each kid only gets one notable thing about their mom put up during the slide show.  This was Kim’s: “What is mom not very good at?”  Survey says! – “Making French Frise(sic)” At the end of the visit, the kids presented their moms with a “surprise”. This was the surprise: Let’s break it down, shall we? My Mom – Chris, Age 7 What is something Mom always says to you? – “I love you” – I would have also accepted “No” or “Don’t” What makes Mom happy? – “Hugs” – True, but Rum and Coke makes Mom happier What makes Mom sad? – “Me not doing chores” – Out of the list of things that makes Mom sad, this is really low on the list… How old is your Mom? – “38” – Close. Of course, when I was a kid I thought my mom was 25 for 10 years, so kudos Chris. What does Mom do when you’re not around? – “Work” – I would have also accepted “Dance Like No One’s Watching” What is Mom really, really good at? – “Working” – Well, it’s definitely not cleaning! EVERYTHING What is Mom not very good at? – “making french frise” – See #3 How do you know Mom loves...

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Consider This Experience Cultivated

May 13, 13 Consider This Experience Cultivated

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Sometime last week my wife dropped some hints about going to The Melting Pot for Mother’s Day. Such hints as, “Hey, The Melting Pot is taking reservations for Mother’s Day” and “Hey, did you get my message that The Melting Pot is taking reservations for Mother’s Day?”  I’m always leery of Mother’s Day outings. I hate paying triple price on ridiculous buffets at banquet halls; it’s such a scam.  At least with The Melting Pot, I know that their prices are that expensive all the time(!) Now, Kim and I have been to The Melting Pot a few times before, and we both really liked it.  It’s just a nice night out. Romantic? Sure, why not. The place certainly has a nice atmosphere and ambiance about it. Low lighting and secluded booths allow you to have a nice, quiet evening together as you work your way through a four course meal of Cheese Fondue, Salad, Entree, and Dessert Fondue. Nothing says romantic like filling yourself with hot cheese! So, yes, we’ve been there before. By ourselves. Sans children. I had no idea how this night was going to turn out. Our kids can sometimes be, how you say, hell spawn when we go out to eat. I wasn’t sure if we would all be able to sit down and enjoy ourselves or if someone was going to end up with a flaming hot cheese-covered carrot skewer in the eye before the first course was done. On our way to dinner, my wife and I tried to prep the children for the evening: Us: “This is a somewhat fancy restaurant, so how should you behave while we are there?” The Kids: “Fancy!” Us: “And what does that mean?” The Kids: “No fighting, or yelling, or running around” (Yes, apparently acting like a normal human being is ‘Fancy’ to our kids). Us: “Also, there are going to be multiple pots of flaming hot liquids at our table. Please do your best to no touch them, or knock them onto...

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Making Life A Little Cheesier One Cheeto At A Time

My friends over at Life of Dad are holding a little unorthodox art contest. The Challenge: Create an art masterpiece with the contents in a bag(s) of Cheetos Mix-Ups snacks. The Payoff: A chance to win a trip to Dad 2.0 2014.  (Yes please!) I gathered my children around me (well, my child. The Boy refused to put down Skylanders but my Baby Girl was more than happy to help. We both washed our hands, rolled up our sleeves, and thunk. We thunk real hard about what to make. I originally thought about making a spiral galaxy, thinking that the “traditional” Cheetos puff curved shape would lend itself well to that.  However, my daughter had other designs… “Let’s make an oval with those shapes and then a circle inside the oval…” Me: “Huh”? She started making the oval with the curved puff pieces and I asked her if she thought it looked like a cloud. After a little while, we knew what we were going to do.   BEHOLD! That’s it. That’s our masterpiece. Will it win? Probably not but it was fun to create with my artsy daughter. It also helps that these taste pretty good. I’m a big fan of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos snacks already, and I bring them home way too often. When I offered Samantha some of the Cheetos Mix-Ups, she declined (I’m guessing she could tell by the color of the deep red ones that they were spicy). Why don’t you head on over to the contest page on Life of Dad, and then come back here and let me know what you think of our masterpiece compared to that others…? Share...

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