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Found Around The House

I find some pretty ridiculous things around my house.  As I talked about a few weeks ago, the kids bring home a literal mountain of paper from school every week.  Someone had commented on that post (since removed because I changed commenting systems… sigh) that I should take a picture of some of the artwork in order to keep the memory forever, instead of trying to hold onto reams of paper. This sounded like a great idea and it gave me another idea for my blog.

I’m going to take pictures of (some of the better or more creative) artwork my kids either bring home from school or leave laying around the house and share with you, dear reader.

Found Around The House

My daughter has really taken to coloring. My son was never really much of a color-er. He would do the random thing here and there but, honestly, I do not have a ton of “non school-required” coloring for him.  My daughter, on the other hand, constantly has the bucket of crayons and markers out and is constantly drawing and leaving pictures all around the house.  She has also taken to running into our bedroom and leaving pictures for us to find. One night, I found this on my nightstand:

I knew exactly what this was by the way the sticker-figure’s arms stuck straight out, and that it took place at night: A zombie. I was very impressed with her choice of blue paper for night sky and the moon. She knows how much daddy loves zombies and decided to leave me a little present.

I’m glad that she has developed this artistic streak in her. My son typically takes a strictly perfunctory stance on coloring; a splash of color here, a giant splotch of color there. His forays into coloring evoke the feeling that he just wanted to get it over with. I think his medium is more Legos and Minecraft than coloring.

This picture now resides in my nightstand. It never made its way down to the Great Wall of Art because it’s very personal to me and I want to keep it close at hand.

Do you encourage your children to be artistic? Have they ever surprised you with something they drew for you?

  • Larry

    The picture did not come through – bummer.
    My boys are more like your son – not so into art. On the plus side, less to sift through.

    • Sorry the picture is not showing up for you. What browser are you using? I wonder if there is something different I can do to update the post. Thanks for commenting.

  • Larry

    Actually, I can see it on my home computer (I was unable to see it at the work – at a school -computer). You have impressive interpretation skills and are a generous dad.

    • Thanks Larry, and thanks for coming back to check out the picture. Hope to see you again.


    My kids are the same way. Daughter is a coloringdrawing machine, son is a scribbler. Other day he brought me a ninja turtle that he scribbled on. No matter what though, gotta act like its the Mona Lisa! Taking pics of them is a good idea

    • It’s amazing how different two siblings can be, isn’t it? And I go more for Starry Night than Mona Lisa 😀

  • Katherine Galo

    i totally saw that as UFO, not zombie. maybe octopus?

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