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Damn It, I Backed A Kickstarter

Jun 11, 13 Damn It, I Backed A Kickstarter

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I’ve been interested in Kickstarter (and other crowd funding services) ever since I heard of it. The concept of small (and sometimes large) companies taking big ideas or pet projects to the public in order to get it funded sound awesome to me. People could find things they really believed in and back those concepts to show their support; a pretty awesome business model. I’ve seen some Kickstarters from time to time that really drew my attention but I purposefully stayed away from backing those. Why? I felt like after I backed my first project, it would be easier and easier to talk myself into backing more and more. Soon, I’d spiral out of control and I’d end up in a debtors prison with all the stuffs I accumulated from Kickstarter goals.  And, unless one of those things I backed was a bakery that delivered cakes with files in them, I was going to be screwed. So, I saw many opportunities pass me by. The Ouya gaming console (which I’m still kicking myself for not backing), SmartThings, Let’s Build A Goddamn Tesla Museum (OK, this one is IndieGoGo but, still…) and many others I can’t think of right now. But, now that Leonard F Chikarason has been writing a regular Kickstarter series for this site, I’ve been getting lured into crowd funding more and more. Recently, a Kickstarter opportunity found its way into my email inbox and I just couldn’t pass it up. I only found out about three hours prior to the Kickstarter closing but I HAD to back it – It was right up my nerd alley. It was for a digital Trading Card Game / Role Playing Game called “Hex” I was completely blown away by the videos I saw about the product. It’s a project by an established games publisher who wanted to make a purely digital TCG; something without physical limitations. This meant that they could have elements in the game that couldn’t actually be in a physical product....

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My son, the Minecrafter

My seven-year-old son has been playing a lot of Minecraft recently and he summoned me to the playroom to show me the fruits of his labor. I also enjoy Minecraft but my son and I have differing play styles; he prefers Creative mode while I prefer Survival. I was very interested to see what he threw together. He showed me a ladder reaching up to a structure in the sky. He climbed the ladder and showed me around. He was very proud of his “Sky House” and everything he put in it (including the greenhouse he built alongside it!) This was actually a very proud moment for me as well as it showed some focus and discipline for my son to actually take the time, during multiple sessions, to create this house. Yes, I know it’s “only a video game” but it definitely took some creativity on his part to build his house. Are you a Minecrafter?  Do you prefer building in Creative mode or eeking out an existence in Survival mode?  What’s the grandest thing you or your children ever built in Minecraft? Share...

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Is there room for another game console?

Yesterday, I read this blog post about the evolution of game consoles over the past 45 years. I remember those heady days of the late 80s and early-mid 90s when every time you turned around there was a new console being announced. I had a friend who had the TurboGrafx 16 and Neo Geo consoles and I especially remember seeing infomercials for the Philips CD-i in the wee hours of the morning. Although nothing in the article was new to me, it was the end of the article that got me thinking. “Finally, the current generation of video game consoles only has room for three major competitors: XBox 360, Sony Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii” True, this has been the case for a good, long time but there is something on the horizon. There are two highly anticipated platforms making their way to consumers in the near future which I think have a real chance of disrupting the Big Three. Valve’s “Steam Box” Valve is working on a set top console. They are not only the publisher of highly successful console/PC games (Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-strike, Half-Life, Portal and Team Fortress) but they also have the Steam platform that allows users to play their games (and other publishers’ games) in a controlled environment, amongst others in the Steam community and along multiple devices (ie tablets and smartphones). The purpose of this “Steam Box” console will be to allow gamers to play their favorite PC games in their living room instead of on the PC. Since Steam is already a “virtual” console, it would be reasonable to think that if they were to release a physical console with Steam there would be a lot of people who would switch over to the console version play from their own living rooms.  And, with Steam, they would be able to play their game on their smartphone, save it, and then pick it up again on their TV. Of course, it remains to be seen exactly...

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Why gaming with children is important

I’m a gamer at heart.  I can spend hours upon hours playing all types of games and the games that require a real strategy are the ones that I love the most.  I enjoy looking at my options and deciding a strategy based on the available information.  They really appeal to the analytical side of me. Some of my best friendships were solidified while gaming.  Sharing experiences, laughing, talking, casual (and sometimes not so casual) competition.  There are some really great memories built around dice throwing and card flopping. With all the joy I’ve received from gaming, I feel it’s only natural that I would want to instill this love of gaming in my children.  I feel that being a gamer has been very beneficial to me throughout my life and I want my kids to appreciate playing games and reap the benefits I did. And, by gaming, I mean all types of games in general. I don’t want to stipulate between board, card, miniatures or video because a lot of the same benefits can be found in physical gaming as well as video gaming.  For instance… Social skills Most games are social by nature.  A few people sitting around a table or friends playing in front of the XBox. This type of environment leads to interaction both concerning the game and just everyday conversation. Most games require you to interact with others in order to attain a goal whether individually or as teammates.  Games also teach players how to take turns, follow rules and how to lose (and win) with grace.  Even luck-based games like Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders are beneficial.  They teach tenacity; that no matter how many chutes you slide down or how many times you get stuck you need to keep on trying for the goal.  It teaches that life has ups and downs and that’s OK as long as you keep going.  These are skills that kids will use throughout their whole life.  I can honestly say that gaming...

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Be a little weird.

Dec 09, 12 Be a little weird.

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I’m a little weird. I’m a father of two who loves to game, watch movies and play with technology at any given time.  When I hang around with other guys and they start talking about sports, cars and most home improvement projects, my eyes just glaze over. The purpose of this blog is to connect with others like me.  Folks who enjoy playing all types of games, watch all kinds of movies and keep up on the latest consumer tech. My family and work life keep me busy and I don’t always have time to keep up on the latest trends or get out to play my favorite games or see new movies but, from time to time, I do get to sneak out see a movies in the theater, or go to the local comic book shop and play with little plastic men. I hope that others will read my blog and find something interesting. Maybe something that will spark a dialogue or get them to try out something they’ve never tried before.   Share...

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