Kickstart(er) my

Kickstart(er) my <3

I asked a friend of mine, Leonard, if he would like to write a guest article for this site and he said he would be more than happy to (sucker!)

I’ve known Leonard since we were in short pants. Geography has separated us but no amount of distance can keep our nerdery from binding us together. This is the first of what I hope will be a regular spot from Leonard.  Please let us know what you think!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first installment of (hopefully) many articles about Kickstarter, the most popular ‘crowd funding’ site today.

The first question already raises a few questions:

  • What’s a Kickstarter?
  • What is ‘crowd funding’?
  • What’s that rattle?

Kickstarter is one of two major sites, the other being Indie Go-Go, where everyone from amateur film makers, professional writers, comic book creators to A list celebrities go to raise money for projects they cannot get made within the system.

Crowd funding is when these afore mentioned parties make their pitch to you, John and Jane Q Blog Reader. Where in you pledge X amount of dollars towards getting this project made where the greater X is, the better your rewards is.

(No one said there’d be math, sorry about that.)

The big difference between Kickstarter and Indie Go-Go, if the goal for the project is not reached through Kickstarter, the project starter gets no money and you aren’t out a dime, whereas through Indie Go-Go, even if the goal is not met, the project starter still gets the money.

Now, being that you are reading a blog, perhaps you already know about these crowd sourcing sites. But you’d be surprised of how many people who are ‘internet savvy’ have never listened to a podcast, never watched a video on Vine or never re-pinned a lovely bowl filled with decorative pine cones.

I’m not a Kickstarter expert by any means, however, I have contributed to twelve different projects in the last three years, of varying amounts and niches, and may have even had a hand in helping tier the goals for an upcoming Kickstarter project as well. I will be using this article to let you know about my personal experiences with crowd funding and projects that may interest you as well.

In my next real article, I will tell the story of how $5.00 almost turned me off completely from contributing to these projects all together.

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