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The Weight Is Over – My First Love

Aug 08, 13 The Weight Is Over – My First Love

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We met when I was young. It was love at first site when I realized the things she would do to me. The way I would feel when I was with her. Sometimes I just wanted to be alone with her sometimes I would share her with my friends. I always felt so good when she was around and her spell over me would last for hours after she left. I knew she was no good for me but I couldn’t help myself. Whenever she’s not around I find myself daydreaming about her, wondering when I will see her next. I always see more of her during the Fall and Winter months but, to be  honest, I would take her anytime I could get my hands on her! That’s right, throughout all my girlfriends, and even my marriage, she’s been there, reminding me of the sticky fun we used to have. My first love: sugar. I love sugar. LOVE IT! I can’t control myself when I’m around it. Sugar has made me do terrible things. Ever eat a whole sleeve of cookies in one sitting? How about eat all of your Halloween candy in one night? Or, even, suck on sugar-coated medication until you get to the medication, and then spit out the medicine? I’ve done all of those things. Sugar in moderation is good for your health but, since I never met a candy bar I didn’t like, I have a hard time with the “moderation” part of this sentence. As I said in my last past, the most weight I ever lost (and consequentially the lowest weight I’ve ever been in my adult life) was when I was following the South Beach Diet (SBD). In Phase 1 of SBD, you eliminate sugar (both added and naturally occurring).from your diet completely. In Phase 2, you can “treat” yourself from time-to-time with some nice sugary snack. During those first two weeks, I dropped about 15 pounds. That’s how much sugar I had in my diet...

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The Weight Is Over – Time To “Chuck The Chunk”

Aug 01, 13 The Weight Is Over – Time To “Chuck The Chunk”

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Here’s a closely guarded secret: I’m fat. I’ve been overweight most of my life and have tried many attempts to lose and keep the weight off. My greatest success was the South Beach diet/lifestyle. I stuck to it for about two years and lost about 50 lbs. Recently, a gaggle of Dad Bloggers got together and decided, “Hey, let’s all try to lose some weight and keep each other honest in the process!” Some of the Dads are trying to lose weight prior to a Dad Blogger conference (Dad 2.0) in January so we set a beginning date of August 1 2013 and an end date of January 1, 2014. I probably won’t be able to get to Dad 2.0 next year but I wanted to join in on the fun for a few of my own reasons. The lowest weight I’ve ever been in my adult life is 232 lbs. I’m back up to 261. My goal is to get back down to under 232 pounds by the end of this year. If I lose more, I won’t be upset. I remember 232 lbs. I felt a lot better back then and I liked the way I looked. I had a larger choice of clothing I could wear and had a larger wardrobe. I didn’t constantly worry whether or not my pants were going to fit. I want to get back to that place, not only for my own benefit but also for my kids. I never really want to be active with them outside; mostly because I’m out of shape and tired (partially because I love to play video and board games inside!). So, join me, won’t you? I’ll be doing my best to eat healthier and actually exercise (I’ve got a treadmill and a Kinect to get me started). I’ll also make regular posts on the blog to let everyone know how it’s going. Not only will I have the other Dad Bloggers to keep me honest but I bet a...

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The Last Thing I Ever Said To My Father

Jun 15, 13 The Last Thing I Ever Said To My Father

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With Father’s Day coming this Sunday I’ve been thinking about the relationship I had with my father, and how my kids will think back on the relationship they had with me. This was also part of the impetus behind my post on yelling. I don’t want the prominent memory of my kids’ childhood to be about how miserable they were because there was constant negativity and yelling going on in the house. Yes, yes, I know a lot of my recent posts have been “next time, on a very special episode…” type posts, but I’m really not that much of a downer – I swear. I’ve just been doing a lot of introspection lately; trying to get a better understanding of who I am as a man, a husband and a father. I had this post written for a few days and almost shelved it until my friend wrote a post about how the Saturday before Father’s Day should be “Bad Father’s Day“, for those people who survived living with Bad Dad’s and are trying to break the cycle. His post encouraged me to publish mine. My father was definitely not the best role model. He was, from what I’ve come to understand, a functioning alcoholic. In my teenage years, it was just my father and I in the house. My older brother had moved out and my younger brother lived with his mother (my ex-stepmother). There would be times where he would be gone for one or two days, or he would come home for a little while, we would grab dinner at McDonald’s or the local Mexican restaurant, and then he would go back out. There would be other times where he would come home drunk and talk to me for hours on end about nonsense. And then there were times when he would come home and yell at me for no reason and accuse me of being on drugs. If I did the slightest thing wrong it would lead to an...

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Recognizing Depression in Men for What It Really Is

May 16, 13 Recognizing Depression in Men for What It Really Is

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Last week, the Dad Blogging community I belong to learned that one of their own had succumb to depression and ended his own life. I didn’t personally know Marc Block of Divided Dad but myself and others in the community wanted to pay respect to Marc, and bring attention to male depression, by writing posts about the topic this week. There was a time in my life where for about six months I was in a bad place. This is a very personal story for me and one that, until now, only a few people knew. Some might say I’m making a big deal out of nothing but it’s a time I can point to in my life where I felt truly alone, scared and hopeless. I graduated from college in Spring of 1998. I had no real idea where I was going or what I was doing. A friend of mine had moved out to Queens and asked me if i would like to move in with him and his girlfriend while I tried to find a job. This sounded like a great opportunity for me so I decided to go for it. Where I ended up living was a dump. Not just a small apartment, or a run down apartment, but a complete dump. The previous occupants had lived there for 20 years and nothing was cleaned, removed or renovated before my friend and his girlfriend had moved in. We still had their old disgusting furniture. (Thankfully I brought my own bed with me…)  I figured I would get past this. I had a family friend say he was trying to get me a job in the Traffic department at MTV but it fell through. Another friend of mine had set me up with a job at Starbucks while I tried to get myself a “real” job. It was barely enough money to pay for my share of the apartment but it was something. I would constantly send out resumes and never heard...

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No one needs a butt kickin’

May 02, 13 No one needs a butt kickin’

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It was a beautiful day yesterday. It seems (knock on wood) that the Cleveland weather is finally changing over to Spring and it’s safe to leave your house in a short-sleeve shirt without fear of the temperature dropping below freezing before you get home. Since it was such a beautiful day, I decided to do what all great fathers do on beautiful sunny days: mow the lawn. I also kicked the kids outside and instructed them to play. While I walked around in circles for two hours, the kids dutifully played outside. I’m so glad they are finally at the age where I don’t have to continually break them apart, or chase them down, etc… I can actually leave them outside by themselves and not have to constantly be on top of them. Well, usually anyway. Our back yard connects to other back yards of the houses around us. There’s a boy, a year older than my son, who lives in one of the houses our yard connects to.  This boy is the youngest in his family (with multiple older brothers and sisters) and is very, let’s say, “mature” for his age. I mean, this kid is 8 and he’s outside running the lawnmower; unsupervised. Due to (my opinion anyway) the “maturity” disparity between the two boys, I’ve found my son’s interactions with the neighbor have been less than desirable. There is definitely a lot more rough-housing and, in the past, Chris had always seemed to be on the receiving end. After a few past incidents, we asked Chris to keep his distance from this boy (just like we did here). But, kids will be kids, and it’s been months since Chris has actually spent any real time with this neighbor so I was willing to give it a chance again. For the most part, things were fine. I’d see them all playing in the neighbors yard, on the swing set, running around, etc… Then, about an hour and a half in, Sam comes running...

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Because Prompts Are Fun #11 – The Inside Joke

In the ongoing “Because Prompts Are Fun” series, this week’s theme is “Funny” The Inside Joke – the cornerstone of any successful relationship.  My wife and I definitely have our share of inside jokes but one of them in particular came from a massive brain-fart I had one day. Kim and I were at a concert, waiting for the show to start.  We had been drinking (at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself – I figure I had to have been inebriated in order for the following to happen) and we were enjoying the time we had, people watching, looking around, talking, etc… While waiting for the concert, the arena was advertising upcoming shows on their big screen.  A lot of the shows were listed as (for example) “Ozzy Osborne (Feat.) Lita Ford” or “Kenny Chesney (Feat.) Eli Young Band”, etc… After seeing a few of these advertisements, I turn to my wife, and completely straight-faced (and completely serious) I say, “Man, that band Feat. sure is playing here a lot this summer” Cut to my wife with a ponderous look on her face, her turning to look at the big screen, turning back to me and laughing her butt off.  Boy, did I feel ridiculous after saying that and realizing what was going on. So, of course, now whenever we see “Feat.” anywhere, we know that my favorite band is playing. Do you have any good inside jokes with your significant other?  Have you ever had a serious, totally embarrassing brain-fart ? Because Prompts Are Fun #11 Presented by Tales from The Nursery and iNeed a Playdate. Share...

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