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My son, the Minecrafter


My seven-year-old son has been playing a lot of Minecraft recently and he summoned me to the playroom to show me the fruits of his labor.

I also enjoy Minecraft but my son and I have differing play styles; he prefers Creative mode while I prefer Survival. I was very interested to see what he threw together.

He showed me a ladder reaching up to a structure in the sky. He climbed the ladder and showed me around. He was very proud of his “Sky House” and everything he put in it (including the greenhouse he built alongside it!)

This was actually a very proud moment for me as well as it showed some focus and discipline for my son to actually take the time, during multiple sessions, to create this house.

Yes, I know it’s “only a video game” but it definitely took some creativity on his part to build his house.

Are you a Minecrafter?  Do you prefer building in Creative mode or eeking out an existence in Survival mode?  What’s the grandest thing you or your children ever built in Minecraft?