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REVIEW: Flipeez – Keeping Kids Heads Fun, Fashionable and Warm

Dec 23, 13 REVIEW: Flipeez – Keeping Kids Heads Fun, Fashionable and Warm

A few weeks ago I was provided one Flipeez hat and asked to offer my honest opinion on it.

Flipeez are knit winter hats for kids that come in a bunch of cute, colorful, eye-catching designs (Monster, Kitty, Monkey and Puppy). The one I received was “Monster”.  The gimmick with these hats, and why they are called “Flipeez”, is because they all have some sort of movable piece on top of the hat that the wearer can control by squeezing an air bladder in one of the tassels.

Here’s the deal: there’s only so much you can say about hats. Are they comfortable? Are they stylish? Do they keep your head warm? I’ve been trying for a while to write this post and come up with a clever way to describe this hat and I’ve been drawing a blank. The few things I can say for sure:

1. My daughter LOVES this hat!
She wears her Flipeez hat every day; sometimes just sitting around the house. It totally fits her personality because the hat is kinda goofy and my daughter is kinda goofy (in a good way, of course!)

2. The hat is super cute
Ugh, I hate saying “super” in front of “cute” but it is the only way for me to describe this hat.  The design and colors used on the Flipeez hats are very cute and eye catching, even for an old, cantankerous jerk like me.  It melts my heart when I see my daughter wearing this hat and enjoying it so much.

3. People notice it and ask where she got it!
My daughter has been wearing this hat for over a month now and we’ve had no less than four perfect strangers ask us where she got it, what it’s called, etc… We even know a next door neighbor who went online and found that Flipeez hats are sold at our local Walgreens. Now my daughter and our neighbor have the same hat at the bus stop every morning.


My only gripe about the Flipeez hats:  the air bladder in the tassel is a little stiff, especially in the beginning. The stiff air bladder makes it hard for little hands to squeeze it hard enough to get the monster’s hands to move up and down. However, after I worked it over for a few minute my daughter was able to take both hands and squeeze the bladder hard enough to get the hands to go up correctly.

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Flipeez hats would make a great stocking stuffer for the young children in your life. If you’re looking for a last minute gift idea, you might be able to find some left at your local Walgreens.


I was provided this PeekABoo Monster Flipeez hat by Idea Village for review. All opinions are 100% my own (or my daughter’s).