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REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY: Transformers Construct-Bots

Dec 03, 13 REVIEW AND GIVEAWAY: Transformers Construct-Bots

Ever since my kids found out about Transformers Construct-Bots, they have been begging me to get some. Luckily, Hasbro sent us some Transformers Contruct-Bots to review.

I’ve been a huge fan of Transformers ever since they hit the scene back in 1984. That Christmas, I hoped and wished that Santa would leave me some Transformers under my tree. Lo and behold, when I woke up on Christmas morning, I was welcomed to the smiling faces of Optimus Prime, Starscream and Megatron (yes, in my memory they were all smiling at me!). Throughout the years, I collected more Transformers and they were pretty much my prized possessions. I played with them longer after the point that I should have been playing with doll (um… I mean ACTION FIGURES!!!)

Naturally, when my children were born and grew old enough to appreciate them, I wanted to introduce them to Transformers. Once they had a chance to play with a few, they were hooked. They’ve seen the full original 1984 series, the original 1986 movie, some various other shows here and there, and the full Transformers Prime run. They are always playing with them and hungry to add more figures to their cadre of Transformers. So, when they saw Construct-Bots on the Transformers section of the Hasbro site, they had to have them!

Each Transformers Construct-Bot comes with a robot frame, armor, a weapon and accessories parts so you can construct and customize your favorite Transformers characters. I knew these would be right up my kids’ alley as they love Transformers and they love to play with modular toys like Legos, KRE-O, K’NEX and Erector sets.


Ironhide Skeleton

We received both Soundwave and Ironhide for review but I’m going to focus mostly on Ironhide as Soundwave had an unfortunate mishap (that I will go into later).

The first thing I noticed about Transformers Construct-Bots was the packaging. Some of the Bots come with a resealable case, perfect for when you have broken down all of your bots and need to store them. I really think this is a great feature and something Lego or KRE-O should copy and incorporate into their own products.


Handy dandy storage case.

Handy dandy storage case.


My son ripped open both packages and got to work furiously building some Transformers Construct-Bots.

When building Transformers you can never have enough bracelets.

Once he was done building Ironhide, my daughter got a chance to play with him while my son started building Soundwave. Here’s what Ironhide looks like in Robot and Car form.



... In Disguise!

… In Disguise!

While my son was building and taking apart Soundwave (in order to start combining pieces of both robots to make completely separate new robots) he ran into a little problem.  There are “armor” pieces that fit onto certain parts of the bot skeleton. It seems that some of these armor parts are VERY difficult to remove (in fact, when my son was building and taking apart Ironhide, he needed me to help take the armor off the one arm).  When he tried to remove the armor off of one of Soundwave’s arms, the arm snapped. I have yet to try and glue it but the point at which it snapped looks to be too fragile to really glue back together for any lasting amount of time (since it will always be the spot pulled on to remove the armor).  I then compared the broken arm to Soundwaves other unbroken arm and could see signs of wear at the same point on the other arm.


Signs of wear on the piece on the left match the same spot the piece on the right broke.

Signs of wear on the piece on the left match the same spot the piece on the right broke.

There is just really no good leverage point in order to get that piece out of the “armor” without putting too much stress on it. Again, this happened on my son’s first play-through with Soundwave. He was discouraged after this and didn’t end up building his “mixed up bots” as he was calling them.

Our opinion on Transformers Construct-Bots: The kids both really loved the idea of Tranformers they could build to specification and then take apart and build completely new bots from collected pile of pieces from a lot of different Transformers. Once they had the Construct-Bots in hand and played with them they really enjoyed them (until Soundwave’s arm snapped).

Would I actually buy more Construct-Bots for my kids? Yes, and here’s why: we know now about the stress limitations on certain pieces and how to (hopefully) avoid breaking more in the future.  My suggestion to anyone buying these (and to Hasbro) is to have a “lever” of some sort available that can get between the arm/leg and the “armor” surrounding it so you can pry the piece off without too much stress on the little nub that sticks out.  It would be great if Hasbro either reinforced these pieces or included a lever to work the armor off easily.

Now, you have a chance to have Construct-Bots of your very own by entering the contest below. The contest is for a Transformers Construct-Bots Triple Changer Figure Assortment! This is going to be a quick contest as I need to get the winner’s info by EOB on Wednesday, Dec. 4.



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Triple Changer Figure Assortment  (Approximate retail price: $24.99; Ages 6 and up) Build YOUR Bot – then convert between three different modes! Kids can customize BUMBLEBEE like never before – with CONSTRUCT-BOTS Triple Changer that can quickly convert from robot to race car to jet!  Includes robot frame and lots of armor, weapons, and accessory parts so you can construct, customize, and convert BUMBLEBEE or BLITZWING – plus mix and match with parts from other figures (each sold separately) so there is almost no limit to what you can create! Also includes dual firing weapon launchers! You can also store your figure in the included resealable case! Each sold separately.


FTC DISCLAIMER – The toys in this review were provided to me by Hasbro for review. The opinions expressed are solely those of Dadstractions (and kids). Hasbro is providing the prize for the giveaway. The winner will need to provide a mailing address within 12 hours of being notified by email. Otherwise, a new winner will be selected.