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Something for Everyone: All Number Ones

May 29, 13 Something for Everyone: All Number Ones

By Leonard F Chikarason

xmenI would like to begin with an apology. Last week, I had the intention to give away copies of Subatomic Party Girls and still do. However, since I pre-ordered it (you can do that with digital comics) I broke Comixology and caused a HUGE delay in activating the gift codes. Hopefully you have your comics as of this reading!


Now, off to the races!

The Wake #1: My silver bullet pick for the week. It’s by a great creative team (Scott Snyder and Sean Murphy) and needs no additional sell for me. But here goes. A 10-issue maxi series with horror and sci-fi elements under the sea. This one is from DC’s mature readers imprint, Vertigo, so not for the kids!

Adventures of Superman #1: This one is for everyone! This collects the first three digital chapters of the new “out of New 52” continuity (i.e. Superman has red shorts over his tights!) stories about the Man of Steel. These are simple, straight forward stories with no need of 70 plus years of past Superman stories to give a try.

X-Men #1: Written by Brian Wood (currently writing Star Wars for Dark Horse) with beautiful art by Oliver Coipel this is a first in the Marvel X-Universe, all the women of the X-Men in their own book! Marvel has really been killing it of late with books headlined by women (Captain Marvel and Fearless Defenders) and I have tons of faith in this one.


Next week, the long awaited (by me, at least) of one of the richest superhero stories of the last 20 years, the beginning on a DC staple and more!

Leonard F Chikarason is a professional podcaster, pro-wrestling commentator, avid comic book reader, happily married father of a 19-month old who just won’t stop aging and nearly life-long friend of Brian, who runs this very blog! You can find everything LFC is up to (Twitter, podcasts, personal appearances) at