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The Weight Is Over – A Culinary Pit Stop

I’ve definitely had better weeks. This week I’m weighing in at 253.0 pounds. This is only a .2 difference from last week but I’ll still take it as a win. Let me tell you why.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen that I attended the Cleveland Feast of the Assumption this past weekend. There were people and food as far as the eye could see.

That's a lot of people!

That’s a lot of people!

#TheFeast (yes, it had its own hashtag) takes place in Cleveland’s Little Italy neighborhood and is well known for its ridiculous amounts of Italian food. Trust me, if you named an Italian food it was there: Rice Balls, Eggplant Parm, Stromboli, all kinds of pasta…


How about some stuffed banana peppers?

How about some stuffed banana peppers?

So, why am I writing about this instead of Fresh20 like I promised last week? Because I feel it’s important to highlight that I was able to maintain my weight even though I ate like a dummy. This was partially because I ONLY ATE LIKE A DUMMY FOR ONE DAY!  Also, I PLANNED ON EATING LIKE A DUMMY FOR ONE DAY!

That’s right, I knew I was going to #TheFeast and I used some common sense to weigh my options on food earlier in the day and left myself with some room to partake in the festivities.  Did I come in under my caloric goal for the day? Hell no. But, I did put a dent in it by monitoring and choosing low calorie foods earlier in the day. Also, I went right back on track the next day in order to make up for some of the damage from these:

Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.

So, was I a big loser this week? Nope, but I still did well. I was able to enjoy a day out with my family eating some delicious homemade Italian food and still got back on track to Chuck the Chunk.

That's-a spicy meatball!

That’s-a spicy meatball!

Seriously, next week: TheFresh20!

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