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The Weight Is Over: The Fresh 20

Aug 29, 13 The Weight Is Over: The Fresh 20

Disclaimer: I approached The Fresh 20 to sponsor a giveaway since I was going to write about their product. This is a product I use and believe in. I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are 100% my own.

Man I love food. I’m pretty sure that’s how I ended up where I am now. Love of food plus no discernible ability to pick and choose the right foods or plan ahead. Crap foods always taste so good and they satisfy some deep longing in your soul. Also, they are usually available quickly and cheaply (ex. $.80 bag of chips in a vending machine at work vs. cutting up, cleaning and preparing celery ahead of time and remembering to bring it with you).

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I just threw up a little in my mouth.

I’ve lived most of my life without planning meals ahead of time. My trips to the store typically consisted of purchasing a bunch of foodstuffs that I knew I would eventually eat. Bread, lunch meat, pasta, pasta sauce; canned, boxed and processed foods. When I got married it didn’t get much better. Sure, there would be certain nights where things would be planned out but most meals still consisted of whatever was around the house.

Eventually, I got tired of this way of life. Not only does it suck to not really know what your next meal is really going to be, but also buying random things or buying more than you need usually results in a terrible diet and a lot of wasted food. I talked to my wife (who does most of the cooking) about trying to come up with a weekly menu, using recipes from her umpteen cookbooks, that utilized a lot of the same basic components so there would be less waste. We talked about this for a while but we could never really seem to come up with anything that worked. Then something awesome happened: she discovered The Fresh 20.

The Fresh 20 was basically everything we were looking for: a five-day-a-week dinner plan, a shopping list (with estimated costs included) and health dinners that utilize fresh ingredients and reduce waste by using a lot of the same ingredients between dishes.

How it works:

After you purchase a subscription from The Fresh 20, you can then download a weekly meal plan from their site.

Each weekly plan contains five recipes, a shopping list, and nutritional guideline for each meal.

The Fresh 20 Shopping List

Also helpful: the estimated cost of list items, to help you plan your budget!

 The Fresh 20 Receipe

Why we love The Fresh 20

We’ve been using weekly meal plans from The Fresh 20 off-and-on since March of this year and we’ve been very happy with our purchase. Having a week’s worth of dinners planned out for you, complete with a shopping list, is a huge time-saver. No more having to go through cook books, figuring out what you want to make that week and writing down all the ingredients for a shopping list. It’s all done for you. Also, the meals each week are designed to use a lot of the same ingredients in each dish so you aren’t buying something only to end up using half of it and the other half going to waste.  Plus, we have really been watching our budget lately and each week’s shopping list also has estimated prices for the items so you can try to budget accordingly  Finally, with the lists compartmentalized into weeks, if you come to a week that you think you might not like, you can just just re-use a past week that you really loved!

With the annual plans costing $49.00/yr, you are paying less than $1.00/wk to save ALL THAT PREP TIME! Weighing time vs. money, this was totally worth it for us (plus, it didn’t hurt that we found a Groupon for it at the time)! And, if you’re not sure that you want to buy a full year, there are three-month subscriptions available for $15.00.  They also have 6-week lunch menus (we bought one of those, too)!


We love The Fresh 20 service so much that I contacted them to see if they would sponsor a giveaway on my blog and they were happy to oblige.

Please follow the steps in the Rafflecopter widget below for a chance to win a subscription from The Fresh 20! First name drawn will win a 1-Year dinner plan. The 2nd name drawn will win a 6-week lunch menu!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


By the way, I weighed in at 252.6 pounds this week. I still have not started exercising regularly so I owe all of my weight loss to eating healthier and drinking more water.

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  • Chris Bernholdt

    This is a great idea. As a SAHD one of my dreaded questions for the day is “what’s for dinner?” This would take some of that pressure off. The only problem are my picky eaters. Can you make adjustments based on what your kids and you actually eat or is it pretty much a set program that defines what you buy?

    • It is a set program that defines what you buy; that’s how they are able to provide shopping list, etc… Every now and again you can replace fish with chicken or something like that but otherwise it’s fairly set. The FAQ on The Fresh 20’s site ( discusses getting kids to eat (with the usual “get them involved” line). Both of my kids are notoriously picky eaters (I have yet to find anything my five-year-old daughter will eat on a regular basis). My son does at least try most of the menu items and does eat quite a few of them. When we know we’re going to have something the kids most likely will not eat (ex. fish) it’s hot dogs or mac and cheese for the kids. Sigh.

  • Katherine Galo

    I think at our house it’s not so much unhealthy foods (thank you, farm share!), but it is probably more the lack of planning. Maybe also portion control.

  • Chris Coburn

    I’ve been thinking about this service recently. We have been rotating what seems like the same 10-20 meals over the past 6 months and they are good meals, but some fresh meal ideas that are healthy, easy and quick to prepare are always welcome!