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Dadstractions Toy Review: Hasbro’s Magic Jinn

Sep 30, 13 Dadstractions Toy Review: Hasbro’s Magic Jinn

We received Magic Jinn free from BzzAgent for review. All opinions are my own (or those of my children).

Magic Jinn is a cute take on the classic game of “20 Questions” except instead of being “animal, mineral or vegetable” Magic Jinn can only guess “animals”. He is interactive, voice activated (after you turn him on) and eye-catching and cute.

My kids enjoyed trying to stump the mischievous little Jinn who tries to guess which animal you are thinking about.  We only opened it about 24 hours ago and they have been back a half dozen times each to try to stump him (unsuccessfully!).

The kids and I made a review video for the Dadstractions YouTube channel. If you watch the video, you can hear some of the snarky comebacks the Jinn makes when he successfully guesses the animal his opponent was thinking of.

“I’m smarter than you” is something you hear a lot for Magic Jinn.

Some reviewers on Amazon have complained that the comments are “unsportsmanlike” or “belittling” but I felt they were appropriate for the character/personality of the toy. (He’s a Jinn! He’s supposed to be mischievous! He’s trying to goad the player into trying to stump him again.) I actually felt that his personality was enjoyable and funny. He even makes funny guesses from time-to-time to lighten things up and keep it fun.

The other thing you will hear in the video is that Chris compares Magic Jinn to “Q20”. “20Q” is another “20 Questions” game we have. It is a pocket-sized digital device that tries to guess if you are thinking of the standard “animal, mineral or vegetable.” It’s ultra portable so it’s great for long car trips or just waiting in line and killing time. (Granted, I bought this at a time before smartphones so I’m sure there are some apps out there that play 20 Questions almost as well). “20Q” is not, however, voice activated. The questions appear on a small screen which you must read and then physically input the answers. This makes it less user friendly for younger children when compared to Magic Jinn (still, I think older kids would like it more).

After seeing my kids play with the Jinn and I myself playing with him once or twice, I feel that the Jinn would be more interesting/fun for younger kids and that older children would become uninterested in him a lot quicker.

A fun little distraction that would make a nice stocking stuffer for the upcoming holiday season.

Dadisfaction rating: 5 out of 10 stars.