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Damn It, I Backed A Kickstarter

Jun 11, 13 Damn It, I Backed A Kickstarter

I’ve been interested in Kickstarter (and other crowd funding services) ever since I heard of it. The concept of small (and sometimes large) companies taking big ideas or pet projects to the public in order to get it funded sound awesome to me. People could find things they really believed in and back those concepts to show their support; a pretty awesome business model.

I’ve seen some Kickstarters from time to time that really drew my attention but I purposefully stayed away from backing those. Why? I felt like after I backed my first project, it would be easier and easier to talk myself into backing more and more. Soon, I’d spiral out of control and I’d end up in a debtors prison with all the stuffs I accumulated from Kickstarter goals.  And, unless one of those things I backed was a bakery that delivered cakes with files in them, I was going to be screwed.

So, I saw many opportunities pass me by. The Ouya gaming console (which I’m still kicking myself for not backing), SmartThings, Let’s Build A Goddamn Tesla Museum (OK, this one is IndieGoGo but, still…) and many others I can’t think of right now. But, now that Leonard F Chikarason has been writing a regular Kickstarter series for this site, I’ve been getting lured into crowd funding more and more.

Recently, a Kickstarter opportunity found its way into my email inbox and I just couldn’t pass it up. I only found out about three hours prior to the Kickstarter closing but I HAD to back it – It was right up my nerd alley. It was for a digital Trading Card Game / Role Playing Game called “Hex”

I was completely blown away by the videos I saw about the product. It’s a project by an established games publisher who wanted to make a purely digital TCG; something without physical limitations. This meant that they could have elements in the game that couldn’t actually be in a physical product. Certain enhancements to the cards in the game that only come from the card being used again and again (basically, experience points for the card). Once the card got to a certain level, it could get marginally better than when you first started playing with it. It also allows for the cards to be customized.  Finally, there was the RPG element to it. That you could go battle against AI enemies and earn experience, cards, and treasure to better build your deck and other perks. The RPG elements reminded me of an old Microprose version of Magic: The Gathering.

I was hooked immediately. The mechanics of the card game are very similar to Magic: The Gathering, a game I played steadily for ten years, and off-and-on since then. I sold my collection shortly before my son was born but I play online, and on XBox, when I can.

I looked over the goals and chose one that I thought was the best value for the money and threw my money in with the rest of the rabble.

So, now what? Well, now I play the waiting game. The company hopes to have the Beta up and running by September 2013 and one of the perks of backing Hex was that all backers get to participate in the Beta and play the game ahead of the public.

I’m not sure if I’ll have to sign a NDA in order to join the Beta (but I probably will) so I’m not sure if I’ll be able to report on the actual game itself until after it’s open to the public. However, I will be able to offer follow-up information about how Hex is coming along, if the Beta actually starts on time, etc… until then.

But what about the more existential question of “So, now what”?  Now that I’ve opened the door of backing Kickstarter, will I start to spiral into a pattern of backing everything I see that slightly tickles my fancy?  Will I have the willpower to say “No”? Should I pitch a Kickstarter to start a support group for people addicted to Kickstarter?  Only time will tell.


  • Or Arrested Development! There’s always money in the banana stand!

  • Robert Greenwood

    Back away from the Kickstarter. It is addicting.

    • Where were you a week ago man?! It’s too late! I’ve already found others I want to back. I need help!