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Kickstarter My Heart – The Big One

May 14, 13 Kickstarter My Heart – The Big One

By Leonard F Chikarason

Last week, I spoke at great length about my very first Kickstarter experience and how poorly it went. I’m not usually that (publicly) negative, but reviewing my history with that project really brought back some bad feelings.

This time, it’s all about positivity.

Two of my favorite creators in all of comic-dom are Art Baltazar and Franco Aureliani, best known for their DC Comics books, Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, Vol. 1. They have a very accessible writing and art style that appeals to kids of any age and always sneak in a little something extra for the grown-ups.

I’ve had the pleasure to meet them in person several times and it’s always been a great experience. So, this past July when they announced they would be doing their first self-published work in sometime, Aw Yeah Comics, I willingly pre-ordered the first issue.

Two months passed & I was contacted by them stating the printing of these issues had hit a snafu. They still sent me a bunch of puns and patches based on their new character designs and informed me once the printing concern was resolved, I’d be one of the first to know.

Flash forward another two months and I got an email letting me know they would be launching a Kickstarter and what I paid in July for the original issue could be applied to whatever I pledged or if I was unhappy, I would get a full refund plus the first issue.

My plan was to support the Art & Franco cause regardless so I was happy to wait.

And unfortunately wait.

Through their dealings, other friends’ dealings and my own project owner dealing with Kickstarter, I know from first hand experience that sometimes the approval process is very quick and sometimes it takes FOREVER.

The Kickstarter did not go live until February of this year, starting at the goal of $15,000

to cover the printing cost of the first six issue of Aw Yeah Comics. Goals were as simple as $15.00 for the first three issues and $30.00 for the first six issues and as big as $300 to have Franco draw the cover to your own comic.

Then things blew up.

Art & Franco (and crew) met their goal in less than 12 hours.  So, they decided to change the completed project to 12 issues at a goal of $30,000. They reached that as well, in two days no less! They have added tons of cool stretch goals including annuals, digital exclusives, and phone calls.

They also had some pledge rewards I have never seen before like special limited time auctions for original art and ‘Mystery Boxes’ not unlike a Let’s Make A Deal sort of thing. Will you get something awesome, like a full run of Tiny Titans or will you get a pair of old shoes? Only one way to find out!

This is the most I have contributed to any project to date, $75.00, for all 12 issues and the two annuals. The first two issues were available for sale at last month’s C2E2 (Chicago Comic-Con), the first issue available digitally and the Kickstarter pledges will be mailed out this week.

This was a project I felt almost personally invested in and pushed it to anyone who would listen. One of my favorite things in the world is for more people to read comics, regardless of age. The more people who read good comics, the longer they will make good comics for me to read.

Crowd Funding Pick This Week

My crowd funding pick of the week is Lady Sabre & The Pirates of the Ineffable Aether Vol. 1 written by Greg Rucka (Detective Comics, Stumptown) and art Rick Burchett (The Batman and Robin Adventures, The Superman Adventures). It is a full color hardcover collection of their web comic about pirates, Victorian England and the Old West. For $30.00 you will get a 192 page hardcover version (Wow, this thing is gorgeous! I might end up backing this one. – BE). Beyond that, you can also get book plates, key chains, personalized copies, even have the creators do a signing at your local store!  They met their goal in less than 24 hours so this project will close out as fully funded on June 5, 2013.


Leonard F Chikarason is a professional podcaster, pro-wrestling commentator, avid comic book reader, happily married father of an 18-month old who just won’t stop aging and nearly life-long friend of Brian, who runs this very blog! You can find everything LFC is up to (Twitter, podcasts, personal appearances) at