Network Review - Supergirl - Dadstractions

Network Review – Supergirl

May 29, 15 Network Review – Supergirl

The gang’s (mostly) all here! Todd of Longbox Heroes, Leonard of Longbox Heroes and Dadstractions, Adam and Jared of the Prodigal Sons Podcast, Jason and David of Podvocacy and Fresher and Parlance of the Fresher and Parlance Show are all on the line to discuss all things Supergirl!

  • What do we really know of this Supergirl?
  • Did we enjoy what we watched?
  • Was this all part of CBS’s master plan?
  • Who will be watching this come this fall?
  • Who was the first to break kayfabe?
  • Who was the first to swear?

Need a crash course in Supergirl? Check this out from the great Chris Haley, Comics Everybod