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Something For Everyone: Superman Returns Again?

Jun 12, 13 Something For Everyone: Superman Returns Again?

superman-unchained-630x210By Leonard F Chikarason

After a seven year absence, Superman returns to the silver screen this weekend in Man of Steel. A bit darker, Christopher Nolan (of the most recent Batman franchise) is the executive producer. After the rousing success that Marvel has had with their films, DC Comics is hoping Superman can revitalize their movie hopes after the failure of 2011’s Green Lantern. DC is going all out, with tons of promotion not just for the movie, but the comics as well!

Superman Unchained: DC’s hottest writer, Scott Snyder of Batman fame teams with Jim Lee, whose art was used to redesign the entire New 52, to helm a brand new Superman title. Now, since the aforementioned New 52, the Superman family titles have been plagued by many, many creative changes. This book, with DC’s number one writer and the co-publisher on art, seems untouchable.

American Vampire: the Long Road to Hell: Speaking of Scott Snyder, the book that brought him to the proverbial dance (the early issues of American Vampire had backup features written by Stephen King) has been hiatus. This month sees a self-contained story set in the 50’s as a young greaser, Travis Kidd, battles against the very vampires that stole his family and his best girl.

The Walking Dead #111: The argument can be made that things have been slow in the last few issues of the Walking Dead. If you just came on board with issue #100, we long-time fan call this the calm before the horrible, bloody storm. Just look at that cover!

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