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The Long Weekend Blues

May 28, 13 The Long Weekend Blues


Memorial Day weekend went by entirely too fast.

My parents were in town since Wednesday to see my daughter graduate from Pre-K.  They stuck around for the long weekend and entertained and watched their grandchildren, which was a big help to the wife and I.

My parents took the kids to some local attractions; Artist For A Day, Great Lakes Science Center and The Cleveland Botanical Garden.  I’ve tried to persuade my mother to write a guest post for BEaLittleWeird to cover their adventures.

I’m grateful for whenever my parents can get out to our house. They live six hours away and it’s not always an easy trip. But, when they do come out, they are always gracious enough to let Kim and I go out and enjoy the free babysitting. Plus, you know, I get to see my parents; they get to see their grandchildren; and all that mushy stuff…

I got out to see Iron Man 3 this weekend, as well as Star Trek Into Darkness.

We had a cookout and I smoked the first pork butt of the season.

After my parents left on Sunday we had some friends over to watch the first few episodes of Arrested Development Season 4.

And Monday was a “the whole family stayed in pajamas and hung out” kind of day. Wow, we haven’t been that kind of lazy in a long time (Don’t judge)! I frequently felt the need to remind the children that “this isn’t an everyday thing, but it’s nice to do once in a while.”

And, as I write this, the kids are in bed for the night and the wife and I are enjoying a copy of “Behind The Candelabra” that a friend recorded for me and let me borrow.

I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. Now, back to reality.

Feel free to leave a comment and share how you spent your Memorial Day holiday weekend.



  • Kevin Vandiver

    Softball tournament on sunday, monday spent trying to recover while playing with the kids. How’d you like iron man 3? I gave it a B.

    • I think B is fair. It was uneven, with laughs that didn’t need to be there in some cases. I wasn’t too hot on the villain, either. Although, I liked what the did with Tony’s arc, except for the kid. And, given the conclusion of the film, I wonder how they’re going to work into Avengers 2 or an Iron Man 4 (if there will be one?).

      • Kevin Vandiver

        Im with you on the stark storyline. Disappointed with the Mandarin, although he turned out to be funny. The kid was a gamble. Not as bad as kid anakin though. Hard to follow up Avengers, but I was ok with it. Oh, and I thought iron patriot was under used. And did I see a hulk buster iron man suit?

        • I’ll be discussing Iron Man 3, Star Trek and other various topics on the podcast this week. Download and give it a listen and let me know what you think. Thanks for checking in!